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At JSM & Associates, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not a suitable solution for achieving optimal results. Instead, we offer a range of services to our clients across different fields, from Construction Management to Structural Engineering and MEP Design to Sustainability. We harness all of our services with the objective of finding a specific, tailored solution ideal for the demands of our client, relying upon our trusted team of managers and engineers, together with state of the art technology, we work together to propel the project from the concept stage into reality. 
Our Construction Management team fosters a collaborative culture when working alongside our clients, tuning into their specific needs and priorities in order to deliver results that are efficient, practical, and timeless. 
We take pride in our ability to bring value to every stage of the project, from the preliminary phase to the final details. Our team is composed of competent civil and structural engineers, who are committed to their trade and to the client. 
MEP design is a core pillar of JSM Associates, and we have accumulated a team of industry experts to ensure that quality service is provided across every aspect of this area, while advocating coordinated, energy-efficient, and comprehensive design and focusing on optimising the potential of MEP Design across all of our projects. 
JSM Associates recognises the importance of sustainability in the social, environmental and economic context, and we aim to provide building services and design solutions that have minimal impact on the environment and prevent pollution at all costs.
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