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We value sustainability within the social, environmental, and economic spheres, and our goal is to offer design solutions that minimise the environmental impact while meeting project requirements.


We have a strong commitment to integrating environmental awareness into our projects, and we offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients, including the production of Energy Reports, SAP Calculations, EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates), and BREEAM Certification. By providing these services, we ensure that our clients have access to the necessary tools and certifications to achieve sustainable and energy-efficient outcomes in their projects.

As part of our sustainability aims and in accordance with our Environmental Policy, JSM will always aim to: 
  • Promote the use of non-harmful materials from sustainable sources throughout our designs.

  • Specify materials from sustainable sources, or where environmental impact is low, whenever the opportunity arises 

  • Develop, propose, and implement sustainable process and product solutions in order to prevent pollution and use resources responsibly. 

  • Establish and develop strong relationships with sustainable brands, ensuring that we maintain a constant conversation with our partners about how we can improve upon our method of sustainability. 

  • Inform and support our local communities and stakeholders. 

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